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Oliver Radosav

My name is Oliver Radosav, I’m 39 years old and grew up in Germany as the eldest son of Yugoslav immigrants in a large traditional family. My youth as a foreigner in Germany was not easy for me. I had a job in a factory that I didn’t like. I was not happy with myself or my life.

After many disappointments decided to change my occupation and my life.

I had always wanted to work in a psycho-social context, so I became state approved ERGO-therapist. I worked in conjunction with clinics, institutes and non-government organisations to provide therapy to mentally/personally disordered or retarded children and adults. My patients have mostly been schizophrenic, depressed, paranoid, drug addicted adults and children with ADHD hyper activity syndromes or other personal and social disorders. I decided after the end of a long personal relationship to leave Europe and to start a new way of life. I have now lived for many years in Asia and have discovered my love of the ocean. I became fascinated with scuba diving which gives me access to a different part of our planet; the underwater world. The sub-marine world is full of action, beauty, silence and meditative spirits. Diving has become my private time, a time to focus and to face myself in the sub-marine world.

I became a PADI scuba diving instructor and I started to travel the world. I discovered foreign cultures, different ways of understanding and different ways of living while teaching scuba diving.

During my work as a PADI Instructor I realized that diving and traveling are powerful “tools” and a kind of Different Therapy, to discover and myself and provide myself with therapy. Both occupations are very useful settings to free your mind and to increase self-confidence in many personal ways. They are able to help you to put your life back on track or to find new ways of living. Scuba diving will help you to leave fears behind you and to grow your personality. Of course these experiences will have an influence on your regular life.

I tried to connect these benefitsof diving and traveling with the development of the ergo-therapeutic concept named Differentthherapy.com. Different Therapy is an individual and client centered Ergo-therapeutic concept, which let diving and travelactivities become a customized intervention to improve the ability of my clients to perform daily activities and reach personal goals. With Different Therapy clients can experience and exceed boundaries and overcome individual fears under professional supervision.

I hope that I was able to give you an insight into my personality and that you´re interested & motivated to get in touch with me.

My Profile


German is my native language, I speak fluent Serbo-Croatian which is my family language & as well fluent English . Further I speak a little Russian & Polish.


I´m state approved Occupational Ergo-Therapist, recognized by the state of Germany and further recognized by the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT).

PADI Master Scuba Dive Trainer (MSDT) Instructor with more than 2000 dives in many different regions all over the world. A I am authorized to teach all PADI dive courses from Open Water Diver up to the PADI Divemaster and Master Scuba Diver levels. As PADI specialty instructor I can teach a broad range of PADI Specialty Courses.

CNC- Programmer with certification of Chamber of Industry and Commerce.


I worked together with clinics, institutes & non-government organizations to provide therapy and to rehabilitate mentally/personally disordered or retarded children and adults. My clients have been mostly schizophrenic, depressed, paranoid, drug addicted adults and and children with ADHD hyper activity syndromes or other personal and social disorders. The main constituents of this work have been art-, socio therapeutic approaches and interactional treatment methods.

Further I worked as a labor pedagogue for the German government to reintegrate long term unemployed people with mental and physical handicaps into the regular labor market. The focus here was on competency-centered treatment methods.

Through my work and journeys as a PADI Instructor I noticed that many diving clients feel uncomfortable and unsafe under water. .Motivated by many requests of my diving clients I created an individual client centered PADI dive specialty course named “NO FEAR DIVING”. This PADI dive specialty course is specially created for people with fears and concerns in context with scuba diving. The PADI No Fear Diving Course is based on my experiences a an Ergo-therapist & as an PADI (MSDT) dive Instructor.

Also the development of the Ergo-therapeutic concept Different Therapy is based on my experiences in both professions. With Different therapy, diving and travel activities became part of a therapy, to improve the ability of my clients to perform daily activities and reach personal goals in a different way.

Diving certifications

PADI Master Scuba Dive Trainer Instructor - Instructor Nr. 268345 -
Qualified to teach all PADI dive courses from open-water diver up to the divemaster and master scuba diver level.

I´m a specialty instructor for the following PADI specialty courses:

  • No Fear Diving” distinctive Instructor (self created dive course for anxous people)
    (I´m world wide the only Instructor, authorised by PADI, to teach "No Fear Diving")
  • Emergency first & secondary response & EFR care for children
  • Decompression chamber awareness
  • NITROX Enriched Air
  • Digital Underwater Photography
  • Deep-dive
  • Drift-dive
  • Wreck-dive
  • Night-dive
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy
  • Project AWARE Coral Reef Conservation

Dive & traveling experiences

Since I´ was a young boy I have travelled a lot. I took many backpacking and dive trips all over the world. I started diving with friends in the beginning of the 90´s on Trinidad & Tobago. Fascinated by the freedom and beauty of traveling, I continued to discover the beauty and diffuse silence of the underwater world. Since many years I have travelled around the world as a PADI dive instructor. I love to discover different people, different cultures and different ways of living and I am especially fascinated with Asia. After a period of years I can say that I have become an experienced and skillful traveler and diver. I have made over 2000 dives worldwide and have traveled and lived in more than 30 countries around the world. To experience diving and traveling became great passions in my life and helped me very much to understand myself and my life in a different way.