Ergo-Therapy & Scuba Diving

How scuba diving can help you

Different Therapy is an individual and client centered Ergo-therapeutic concept and let diving activities become a customized intervention to improve your ability to perform daily activities and reach your personal goals.

Scuba diving will let you focus on yourself, diving can help you to promote your independence and self-confidence in many ways. You will gain the experience of equivalence and discover new personal opportunities. Enjoy the silence and relaxation through reduced external influences, just concentrated on yourself.

  • Feel save and comfortable trough the knowledge that you will get during PADI Scuba Dive Courses and make yourself able to enjoy the freedom under water
  • Physically, mentally and socially - diving directly intense simultaneously on all three levels
  • Experience and exceeded boundaries and individual fears
  • Make new experiences and find opportunities to discover yourself in a new way
  • Grown courage, more self-confidence and inner peace are frequent general effects.
  • Our own bodies and the our personality appears in a new light.

Scuba diving promotes complex connections and applications of sports, therapy, education and rehabilitation in a highly effective way. This helps to improve your quality of life and to strengthen your autonomy and independence. The slow floating and orientation in the three-dimensional underwater world aids therapy and rehabilitation on several levels simultaneously.

Scuba diving also has many social aspects. You will meet many new people and characters from all over the world in an intercultural exchange. Diving is a partner sport that strengthens and intensifies responsibility, tolerance and consideration. It also enhances development of physical skills, movement and relaxation as well as strengthening body awareness and improving coordination. The strengthening of motor skills, to move muscle and joints without load and small movements without power are also useful effects of scuba diving. Furthermore scuba diving can help to strengthen respiratory functions, helpful for patients with low lung volume.

People with disabilities and disorders as well as their family and persons in their immediate environment will benefit from these effects.

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