Ergo-Therapy & Traveling

The benefits of travel appear in many different ways. Travel helps to enable you to reach your “therapy” goals. Traveling can be the right therapy for you.
Different Therapy as an individual and client centered Ergo-therapeutic concept, let traveling activities become a customized intervention to improve your ability to perform daily activities and reach your personal goals.

What Travel therapy in an Ergo-therapeutic context can achieve

Relax your body and mind. Calm down. Enjoy nature. Explore different cultures and different ways of life. Meet people and have inter-cultural exchanges. Hear different opinions and maybe change your point of view. Find your way and decide where you want to go. Discover your senses…

Sight, Sound, Taste, Smell, Touch... Use your five senses in new and different ways.

Get new impressions, have new ideas, master physical and mental challenges.

Traveling will help exceed your boundaries like nothing else. You will have to deal with challenging situations and with therapeutic supervision you will find ways to master these events. You will learn about yourself and learn about others. Traveling will help you to increase your self-confidence and promote your personal independence. To travel can regulate your imagination and instead of thinking how things may be you will see and discover them as they are.

Whether with or without disabilities, anyone can develop their opportunities and discover the fascination of travel. Family, friends and partners can participate in this experience of Differnt Therapy and join in activities on an equal level.

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