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Justin and the PADI No Fear Diving distinctive specialty course

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Justin came straight from Afghanistan to enjoy his holiday in the Philippines on Boracay. He is 27 years old and American national and he spend 18 month in the combat zones of Afghanistan to support military efforts.

He read in the internet an article about No Fear Diving & Different Therapy and he contacted me to try out and to discover the new PADI distinctive specialty course for himself. Justin is the first official dive client for No Fear Diving.

Justin is Open Water Diver with 4 dives and he has not dived in over 10 Years. He has in particular claustrophobic issues, mostly related to his dive equipment and critical issues about the changes of pressure conditions during a dive.

During the confined water units we identified some interfering factors related to his dive gear that adversely affected Justin. To address these issues we equipped Justin with specialized new scuba equipment. We arranged a mask with clear silicone, for a brighter look, as well as an individual fully customized dental mouthpiece for his breathing regulator and a perfectly fitting wetsuit that reduces constriction in particular around the neck and throat area.

The open water dives were, for Justin, all about experiencing personal boundaries and gradually expanding his comfort zone. We connected the PADI Advanced Open Water training with the No Fear Diving course and set the focus on deep and wreck dives to depths around 30 meters. After several dives, Justin gained more and more self-confidence by increasing his strengths and skills rapidly. We dived together at airplane and boat and wrecks around Boracay. Justin completed his courses with great commitment and interest. We´re planning to continue his scuba education with a PADI wrack dive specialty course while joining a livaboard trip with Fisheye Divers from Boracay to Coron islands in Palawan, to dive the famous world war II ship wrecks.

I want to thank Justin for his permission to publish his PADI distinctive specialty course "No Fear Diving" on my Webpages. and

3 weeks cruising & diving on a sailing ship with Jade in Komodo

Sailing and Diving with Jade 1 Sailing and Diving with Jade 2 Sailing and Diving with Jade 3 Sailing and Diving with Jade 4 Sailing and Diving with Jade 5 Sailing and Diving with Jade 6 Sailing and Diving with Jade 7 Sailing and Diving with Jade 8 Sailing and Diving with Jade 9 Sailing and Diving with Jade 10 Sailing and Diving with Jade 11 Sailing and Diving with Jade 12

Jade is a 40 year old woman from Germany, who works in a management position in the social sector. The last few years she was professionally overloaded with work and overtime. Also in her private live she was clamped in a relationship with a woman who has been suffering from a personality disorder called Borderline-Syndrome. The stress and work overload on one hand and emotional problems in her private life on the other hand, let her become more & more exhausted. Jade was not able to cope with her problems anymore. Her anxieties and fears about losing control in her life increased. Jade start suffering from the Burn-Out-Syndrome.

She doesn’t wanted to continue her way of life like this. Jade decided to take one year break off of her job & from her personal relationship with her girlfriend. So she started to travel south east Asia.On her journey she was looking for professional help and she came in touch with me through my webpage

She decided to try an attempt with me, to work on her problems. Together we developed an individual Ergo-therapeutic treatment concept to work on her issues. The appropriate method to do this appeared in form of diving experiences and dive education. The Different-Therapy concept was embedded in a 3 week cruising & dive-safari on a sailing ship in Komodo Flores Indonesia with wonderful sunsets, 24/7 ocean view, nice common red wine dinners and pure relaxation.

Many fears of Jade, like the fear of losing control and deficits with her self confidence appeared clearly under water became a perennial topic of her therapy. With increasing relaxation, her fun and excitement to discover the beautiful underwater world Komodos enlarged. Jade witness visible improvements of her condition day after day. She improved her self-confidence and the ability to control seemingly critical situations without panicking. Confidence in her SCUBA dive skills grew as well as her own abilities to handle stress situations.

Jade completed her PADI Rescue-Diver certification during her therapeutic sessions with great success. At the end of her personal Different Therapy she was able to manage to dive with pleasure and to enjoy diving without fears or anxiety. More and more she return into a relaxed state of mind. After her Different Therapy experience with me, Jade continued her south east Asia trip. With her new experiences and her and her regained self confidence she was able to continue her dive education with a regular dive instructor in a regular dive center in Bali Indonesia.

I´m very happy to see Jade´s successful way, of dealing with her issues. Jade is PADI DIVEMASTER now… and she returned to Germany. She is back in her Job and she want to continue her education as a PADI dive Professional. Jade goal is to become a PADI underwater photographer and to travel and to experience the world in a different way.

By this way I want to thank Jade for her permission and help to publish her case on my webpage

10 days diving & traveling in Bali with Zoe and Jérémy

Diving and Traveling with Zoe and Jeremy 1 Diving and Traveling with Zoe and Jeremy 2 Diving and Traveling with Zoe and Jeremy 3 Diving and Traveling with Zoe and Jeremy 4 Diving and Traveling with Zoe and Jeremy 5 Diving and Traveling with Zoe and Jeremy 6 Diving and Traveling with Zoe and Jeremy 7 Diving and Traveling with Zoe and Jeremy 8 Diving and Traveling with Zoe and Jeremy 9 Diving and Traveling with Zoe and Jeremy 10 Diving and Traveling with Zoe and Jeremy 11 Diving and Traveling with Zoe and Jeremy 12

Zoe (24j.) and Jérémy (22j.) live in France and work there as independent restaurateurs. Two years ago they had a serious car accident in which one of their friends died and both were seriously injured. Above all, Jérémy has many difficulties since the accident to arrange his daily life. Since the accident he has great fears and feelings of guilt. Zoe & Jeremy have decided to clear up the accident and its consequences during a holiday trip with Different Therapy.

They are looking forward to find alternatives for their common life. Together we have figured out a therapeutic concept for their Bali tour and we decided first to relax 2 days at the beach to get to know each other better. After a lot of fun and some training sessions in the hotel pool, they have decided to complete their private PADI Open Water diving course and we combined this with a scooter round tour trough the beautiful volcanic landscapes of Bali. Both have received their PADI Open Water diving certification. After initial difficulties they enjoyed and passed the examination with excellent success.

Zoe and Jérémy where able to overcome personal barriers and gain productive experiences trough their journey. They want now to implement and integrate this knowledge into their daily lives. I wish them both much success and I looking forward to see Zoe and Jérémy again at end of this year in France. I also want to thank them very much for the permission to publish their story on my website Thank you!